Welcome to The Big Root


Daikon, or “big root” in Japanese, is a vegetable ubiquitous in the food of Japan. When it’s grated, it’s called daikon oroshi and used as a condiment with sushi and soup. When it’s pickled, it’s tsukemono and becomes a refreshing appetizer alongside its carrot and cucumber cousins. And when it’s braised, it’s nimono and evolves into a sweet winter comfort food. Just as we celebrate the ubiquity of its namesake, The Big Root is a podcast that celebrates how “Japaneseness” is everywhere in our society.

Japan is an insular country, and remnants of its isolationist history can be seen in some facets of life in Japan. Nevertheless, Japanese influence reaches all corners of the world. By sharing the stories of people whose Japanese heritage motivates their personal and professional pursuits, we want to explore how Japanese community, entrepreneurship, and culture have planted roots in our corner of the world: New York, New York.

The Big Root is hosted by Susan McCormac and Toshiki Nakashige. Although we come from different generations and define our own Japaneseness differently, we are Japanese Americans who share a love of Japanese food and also an immeasurable gratitude for how the metaphoric rising sun has shone light in our lives. Our interpretation of what it means to be Japanese cuts across geographic boundaries, and through this podcast, we hope to show you everywhere Japaneseness.

Please stay tuned!

Toshiki Nakashige