Season 1 Trailer

In the trailer for the first season of The Big Root, Susan and Toshiki introduce the podcast and describe how their experiences navigating their own Japaneseness inspire them to celebrate Japanese and Japanese American people in New York. Premieres April 2019.


Susan McCormac: Hi, I’m Susan McCormac.

Toshiki Nakashige: My name is Toshiki Nakashige. You’re listening to the trailer for The Big Root.

SM: Our podcast celebrates how Japanese influence is everywhere. We’ll talk to leaders in the community, entrepreneurs, and champions of Japanese and Japanese American culture. And we’ll talk to them as we participate in activities that have something to do with Japan.

TN: Japaneseness is everywhere. But we live in New York, so the first season of The Big Root will focus on The Big Apple. We have fun episodes in the works, and we’re excited to share them with you.

SM: Toshiki and I come from different generations and think about our Japanese identities differently. I’m mixed race and only really started to learn about my Okinawan heritage in my 30s. You can say that I’m obsessed with Japanese culture now, but I feel like I’ve been catching up on my Japaneseness for the past 20 years.

TN: When I was growing up, I went to Japanese school on Saturdays and visited Japan every summer. Compared to people from Japan, I feel much more culturally American, but by introducing myself as Toshiki instead of Toshiki and bowing instead of reaching my hand out for a handshake, I’m constantly mediating my Japaneseness depending on the social context.

SM: This podcast draws from our experiences, and we’ll invite Japanese and Japanese American guests who do important and impressive things. Hopefully we’ll learn more about what it means to be Japanese.

TN: The first episode of The Big Root will come out sometime in April 2019. Please stay tuned.

Toshiki Nakashige