Season 1

Episode 1: The Blue Door and the Green Bottle featuring Rona Tison and Brooklyn Kura

Episode 2: J. A. Community featuring Julie Azuma and Japanese American Association of New York

Episode 3: New York Fit featuring Takaaki “Tommy” Nakajima and Kamakura Shirts

Episode 4: There Is No Melon in Melonpan featuring Timothy Sullivan and Daichi Ebato

Episode 5: You’re Not Half, You’re Double featuring Sarah LaFleur and The Noguchi Museum

Episode 6: Everywhere Okinawanness featuring Okinawa Association of America

Episode 7: Human People featuring Naomi Mizoguchi and Downtown Community TV Center

Episode 8: Best Nail Art Erina Ever Had featuring Erina Yoshida and Studio L

Episode 9: I Don’t Speak Japanese featuring Fumi Abe and Samurai Mama

Episode 10: Out of the Box featuring Kokoro Care Packages and Suzuki Farm

Episode 11: American Ohaka Mairi featuring Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi and The Woodlawn Cemetery

Episode 12: Music That Heals You featuring Miggy Miyajima and Birdland Jazz Club