The Big Root is a podcast about everywhere Japaneseness. The namesake is daikon or 大根, literally “big root” in Japanese. Also called winter radish, this vegetable is everywhere in Japanese cuisine. Grated, chopped, pickled, braised, stewed, it touches every category of Japanese food. Like the daikon, Japanese influence reaches all corners of the world, and this podcast explores the ubiquity of Japaneseness through community, entrepreneurship, and culture that embody what being Japanese is about. In the first season, we introduce Japanese and Japanese American people and activities in the Big Apple.


The podcast is independently produced and hosted by Susan McCormac and Toshiki Nakashige in New York, New York. The podcast art is created by Amy Rubinger. The theme music is composed and performed by Kento Iwasaki and mixed by Nick Kim. The website features photography by Jun Suenaga. Find The Big Root on your favorite podcast app. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For news, updates, and bonus content in your inbox, please subscribe to the mailing list. We are members of Asian American Podcasters.

Susan Mccormac

Susan is a freelance writer. A member of Generation X, she was born on a military base in Virginia and raised in a small town in North Carolina. At the age of 30, she sought to understand her Okinawan heritage and has since become fascinated with “all things” Japanese. She founded the website JapanCulture•NYC. Find Susan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She likes her daikon stewed in oden.


Toshiki Nakashige

Toshiki is a scientist. A millennial son of a Japanese language teacher from Gifu and a sushi chef from Hiroshima, he grew up in Dallas, Texas. He constantly seeks to exercise his left and right brain. Support this podcast and his other creative projects at his Patreon page. Find Toshiki on Twitter and Instagram. He likes his daikon grated served alongside fatty tuna.